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Diverse Destinations

Our guides are rigorously trained to ensure you can be confident in their decisions and skills.

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Our local team members are experts who make each tour entertaining and engaging.

Beautiful Places

Our team is dedicated to providing a memorable excursion for all, no matter the setting.

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Treat your group to great food and drinks. We offer many different options, including light snacks, picnic lunches and cold drinks.

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To keep you safe and comfortable, our guides have the skills to handle all circumstances in any one of our vehicles.

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We are accountable for the wellbeing of our guests, community and environment.

Guanadventures SMA is the first companies to offer off-road/tours in San Miguel de Allende & Guanajuato on original routes, guided hikes, knowledge of history, culture and custom trips. We’re proud to offer experiences that stay with you long after they’re over.  We aim to provide each guest with a safe and exciting and inspiring adventure.

If you’re looking to treat your special someone, a well-deserving team, a few key clients or your family to an unforgettable day, book any  tour in San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato City. Reserve your own Vochito for an intimate off-road trek or enjoy a comfortable escape around the city’s most beautiful places. The hardest part? Deciding which pictures to frame after filling a camera on your amazing day.

San Miguel de Allende

Adventure Tours

Guanajuato Adventure Tours is in charged of carefully selectting food and beverage tasting places to highlight the best regional flavors that Guanajuato Capital has to offer. Enough for a satisfying lunch, you can enjoy a sample of delicious food at family food stalls and enjoy refreshing local drinks. Learn about the food of local people and the community, its history and deep cultural ties.

Eat your way through Guanajuato! Hit the streets and try typical Guanajuato food, walk through the beautiful colonial streets and learn about the key sites of the city. Discover Guanajuato in a spectacular street food Tour arround the city’s typical food stalls, hidden food alleys and a series of food tastings along the way. You can try everything from sweets to tacos.


Guanajuato Capital