Our guides don’t just take you out to an adventure, they live them—and they invite you to join the fun. As locals of Guanajuato our guides share the places they’re proud to call home by combining personal experiences with expert training. They will know your name, share unique stories and connect you to the land by making every excursion entertaining and informative. Your guide will treat you to an incredible view of Guanajuato and other outlooks along the way. Don’t hesitate to ask for periodic pit stops at any other compelling places you spot.



If you’re looking to treat your special someone, a well-deserving team, a few key clients or your family to an unforgettable day, book any  tour in San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato City. Reserve your own Vochito for an intimate off-road trek or enjoy a comfortable escape around the city’s most beautiful places. The hardest part? Deciding which pictures to frame after filling a camera on your amazing day.

Commitment to Nature

We take stewardship of the land very seriously. We work closely with many Projects like  ‘’OPERACION HUIZACHE’’ & Rancho ‘’El Cortijo’’ to maintain, rebuild and re-vegetate land. Our team proudly volunteers for trail clean up and contributes to preservation efforts with collected contributions.

As you roll into The Country side of the City, you’ll see an impressive array of flora and wildlife. Ask your guide about the different species of plants that flourish there, and keep your eyes peeled for animals scampering through the brush.