• Discover Guanajuato, spectacular street food on a small 3-hour tour of the city's typical food stalls, hidden alleys and a series of food tastings along the way. Guanajuato style to a variety of fruits and vegetables that you can choose to prepare a delicious natural juice, as your local guide shares tips on the best places to eat, drink, explore and discover.
  • Eat your way through Guanajuato! Take to the streets and try typical Guanajuato food, walk through the beautiful colonial streets and learn about the key sites of the city.
  • This walking tour of food stands features carefully selected food and beverage tasting places to highlight the best regional flavors that Guanajuato has to offer. Enough for a satisfying lunch, you can enjoy a sample of delicious food at family food stalls and enjoy refreshing local drinks. Learn about the food of local people and the community, its history and deep cultural ties.

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Distance6 KM
Duration3 HRS

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